Friday, March 30, 2007

The Gas Chambers of a land far far away

When you join our team in a land far far away, there is a warning that needs to be given beforehand. In this team, you can be subject to the gas chambers without prior notice or prejudice. It is a sentence that is served on you simply because you made the mistake of talking. It is a very grievous sentence, and our hearts go out to all the people who have been it's victims.

The gas chambers of a land far far awayare one of the most dreaded reprimands that any land far far away employee or even visitor can be put through. So, you must be hoping that I will slip into the nice guy mode and tell you where these gas chambers are located, so that you might be able to save yourself from the torture. But alas, I only wish I could give you the location, because I cannot. You see the gas chambers of a land far far away are mobile. Yes, please do not shake your head in disbelief, the gas chambers can be brought to you, in fact, they have a mind of their own, they will come to you. The gas chambers have two feet to carry them around the workplace. They even have a car to get to work on a daily basis. Yes my friends, you have guessed it correctly, the gas chambers of a land far far away refer to a person. The person we know as Fag Man.

So please be warned, do not come within two feet of him. If you do, make sure he doesn't talk. If he does, then make sure you don't breathe in. If you do, well, I hope you have a will in which you have left everything you own to me.

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