Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Welcome to a nondescript place

Well here is to one of the most nondescript places ever work with. I shall give you a simple test. Try taking a call from a telecaller selling you credit cards from our side. Tell them you want the card and then answer the first Question... Sir what is the name of your company?

you say, "InfoPro".
They say, "Info????" and really elongate the "o"
You say, INFOPRO
They'll again say... INFO???
You say PRO
they say InfoGrow?
you say NO... EYE ENN EFF OWE PEE ARE OWE... InfoPro
then you hear them talking to someone in the background (pata nahi kaunsi company hai... kuch Info Info karke hai... ) and then you hear muffled voices and they say
Sir??? InfoSYS???

You think to yourself... "I wish" and then say "no it's InfoPro" this time they'll take a pen and paper and let you dictate the spelling...

So that's how nondescript this place is...

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