Friday, March 23, 2007

Conversations with G

I think G Dude is a mobile RSS shakha. A few days ago he was adamant on making a Jain woman keep fasts and then yesterday, he asked me.

This is the scene as it happened.

I sat in the last seat of the Scorpio. He sat next to a lady on the middle row. He keeps looking forward and as I am about to put on the ipod he asks me...

G: Harry, you are not fasting?
Me: For what?
G: For Navaratras.
Me: Why would I?
G: Oh no specific reason.
Me: It is against my religion to fast.
G: oh....

I thought that would shut him up... but he asked the lady next to him.

G: Is that true it is against your religion to fast?
Lady: I am not a Sikh, I am a Punjabi.
G: So? You should know.
Lady: I am a Hindu and I do fast.
G: Then why doesn't he?

I had to interject. He was torturing the poor lady because of me.

Me: G, just to clarify, and Lady please excuse the stuff I am about to say (I so wished I could have abused him), but in our holy scriptures a woman who fasts has been compared to a prostitute. That's why I say it is against my religion. A lot of Sikhs do fast, but not for this occasion, but my family says it is against our religion.

G: Oh OK.

I thought this must have settled things, and he won't bother anyone else with this. I was right, but I think he always has this weird urge to talk to me. We dropped off the lady, and he moved to her side, and kept looking back at me. I tried ignoring, not wanting to talk. He just kept looking at me. Then he made a signal with his face and started speaking. He interrupted Jimmy Page as he was about to sing "...Our shadows taller than our souls...", I paused Jimmy said a silent prayer, 'Forgive me lord for I have sinned" and looked at him.

Me: You were saying...
G: Oh nothing, I just now remembered that part you had presented in the Italy presentation. The part about Balla Fagoora.
Me: you mean Bella Figura.
G: Yes, Balla Fagoora, you know that part about no matter how bad shape you are in, it shouldn't show. So for the last few days I haven't been feeling well because of all the fasting, so I thought of Balla Fagoora and toughened myself.
Me (Aside): (You are dressed like a beggar, today with torn denims and broken sandals and you want to talk about Bella Figura? You Nincompoop!!!)
Me: Well, that's not really what Bella Figura implies.
G: Then?
Me: Well, i9t means that you should always present yourself well. You have to look like a king even if you have nothing to eat at home. It is a very materialistic attitude. It's not about being tough.

G looked ahead and I quickly started the song again, and this time I closed my eyes. Yes, the cab guy took the longer way home, but at least I had rid myself of his stupid comments.

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