Friday, May 14, 2004

Okay, what do you do when you across a person so dumb that he is pressing the down arrow key with his arm and at the same time is trying to use the mouse to scroll up on a web page... And then turns around to you and says... "I think someone else has taken over my machine... See... I'm trying to scroll up but the page automatically keeps on scrolling down!!! This so spooky!!! Maybe this is a virus"

Now for the icing on the sake... Replace the man in question above with a woman... And the arm with her breast... And the best part is ... This is happening with her for the second time!!!
GAWD!!! How irritatingly dumb can anyone get...???

You know there are two kinds of dumb people... The first kind is like this...

The Boss: Can you tell me how many units did we sell last month...???

The Employee: No, but I can tell you how many times did Michael Jordan
score off a fade away in each of the NBA Finals he's ever played in...

Now such people will obviously be considered to be dumb... But... If
you look closely he is not dumb, he just has command over thoroughly
useless information. (Hey, at least he told him that he doesn't have
the answer)

Such people I can live with... If nothing else they make great
partners in a sozzled conversation.

Then there are the other types of dumb people... Here is what they are like...

They'll wear extremely tight clothes to remind themselves that they
need to slim down... Or mark stuff on papers with a highlighter, which
according to them is not worth reading... Or ask, "then what
happened?" long after the joke ends... Ok so you know the kind I'm
talking about... These are the ones who I can't live with...

So I have started documenting ways to pick out such people from a crowd...

• They are the only ones laughing at their own jokes in a group… While
everyone else is forcing a smile on their faces

• They are the most conscious of themselves when they are all alone

• They fall for the easiest tricks in the book... (IEEE they have
never heard of - "Fool me once shame on you, Fool me twice shame on

• They'll laugh at your most pathetic jokes

• They are usually not very bright about computers and would never
accept this fact

• They are very territorial

• Their proximics are totally screwed up

There are so many ways to pick them out... but these are the ones
which generally some to mind... if you know more, then your additions
are welcome.