Thursday, March 8, 2007

Happy Women's Day at a land far far away

So this is the chain of mails that started it all...

Ms. (Name withheld),

Good Afternoon!

G Dude here. I have recently joined a land far far away in the XYZ team. I have a suggestion that needs your immediate attention. Here it is...

Sometimes God sets a perfect stage for certain things. A land far far away is one such stage set by God to celebrate the Women's Day because it has a great strength of female employees. Above all, it's spearheaded by you--a female.

So, to salute the enduring feminine spirit, this Women's Day, i.e. March 8, 2007, why don't we reward these 21st century "Women of Substance."

In this regard, we can organize a ceremony to felicitate the female employees of our organization with flowers. So, kindly have a look into the matter so that the "Token of Respect" among the feminine-force of our organization can be disseminated.

With hopes abound...

Thanks & Regards,

G Dude


The Ms. Name Withheld asks HR what is being done about it... and HR asks the InfoWhat Pride Committee to organize it... and they actually do organize it....

In case you don't think that this is weird... picture this... G Dude asks Anjali:

G Dude: Are you married?
A: Yes...
G Dude: How would you feel if someone did something out of box for you...
A is speechless... so he hands her a pamphlet that contains a lot of Gyan about Women's Day... So Anjali goes over it and hands it back.... "you know what?" G Dude continues "Last year I sent my To-Be-Fiance flowers in her organization on Women's Day... She got really embarrassed... so this year I am doing something out of box for her... I am sending flowers to all the women in her organization... " and he was beaming!!! "I'll tell her later at night!!!"

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