Monday, March 12, 2007

The Aftermath of Women's Day

The day I had been dreading for so long was finally upon us. The build up to it had been scary, and I had a very weird feeling that it was going to be worse than the preceding days. So, I entered office hoping that nothing untoward was going to happen. So i settled down in my seat and looked warily across at G Dude's empty seat and thought to myself, "So far so good." But we all know when something seems to be too good to be true, those things usually are too good to be true because the G Dude walked in with a swagger and he was beaming. Rupi was unfortunate... he was just stepping out of his workstation as the G Dude was walking in.

Rupi: Hi
G: Happy women's day Saaar
R: Ummm, same to you.... by the way, I do not have any misconceptions about my sexuality.
I corrected him, "you mean your gender"
R: Yeah, and that too...
G Dude just kept beaming, so Rupi had to ask him, "why are you so happy? And, what is that tree jutting out of your back for?" referring to the bouquet that he was carrying in his backpack.

I was mortified, he wasn't actually going to give that bouquet to a woman today, I was literally hoping that he would say it was his girlfriend's (read to be fiance's) birthday. But then he said something that made me wish that the ground would open up and swallow him, or the roof would cave in on him, or Zeus would smite him with lightning!!!

G: These are meant for our anndaata! (Smite him!)
R: Who?
G: Sorry, our anndaatri!! (Smite him now! Vaporise him!!)
R: and who is that?
G: [Name withheld] The president of our company!!!

I think god has a vendetta against me!!!

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