Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Intelligence is dead

Nietzsche once wrote that "God is dead"... I would have told him it's not god that died, for he may have never existed, but it is intelligence that is dead. By intelligence, I am referring to the ability of a person, to make an informed decision based on the facts presented, and to not be swayed by emotions and prejudices. I have seriously started believing that I am one of the "Ubermensch" (Super Humans or Homo Superior) described by Nietzsche in "Thus Spoke Zarasthura". I think I need to bide my time in some cryostasis chamber till the world evolves to my level. That's I am going to the Himalayas to become a Sanyasi.

1 comment:

  1. Intelligence in terms of creative thinking and problem solving - or IQ... It's definitely not dead. Hmm.. I would rather say it depends on what company you hang out with.. But pls do not kill me for saying this.. :)