Tuesday, March 20, 2007

There be perverts there

What follows are a series of incidents that prove that a land far far away is a land of perverts!!!

Incident 1:
A girl walks in wearing a well fitting suit, a female colleague turns around and compliments her, and then the boss turns around and says, "Haan yeh suit acha hai, woh jo tum dheele se pehenti ho na, unse."

Incident 2:
A girl wears a short skirt to an office party, and the whole male contingent of the office starts dancing around her.

Incident 3:
A guy comes down the stairs and he's wearing a fishnet t-shirt and you can see that his chest is shaved. (OK, that might not be perverted, but it is downright disgusting.)

Incident 4:
The organization organizes a picnic in a water park and then has the nerve of sending a mail that tells people to "(bring your own skin-tight nylon synthetic swimming costume only)"

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