Monday, May 7, 2007

We're still around...

It is not like we have quit InfoWhat, nor is it that this place has become sane now, the thing is that we have already provided you with enough specimens of this place's obnoxious antics and people that if we were to write about them on a daily or weekly basis it would start sounding more like a crib than anything else. So now, we try and limit our posts to very special incidents. Like the one that follows...

Yesterday, I had never thought I would see it happen again, but it happened... G Dude brought another bouquet to work. I was feeling very sleepy, so I decided to catch some sleep at my seat. I was drifting in and out of never never land. I was dreaming about a workplace where I had a room of my own and with a large desk, and there was this phone on my desk that suddenly started ringing. I realized I was dreaming and that the phone was ringing in the real world at my current desk. So, sleepily I answered.


"Sir ji, Giri Sir hain?"

So I looked at G Dude and said, "It's for you"

He comes to the phone and says, "Hello... huh?? ... Acha aa raha hoon."

I went back to sleep. I wanted a good look at my room and desk... maybe it was a premonition. Then I heard Rupi say "Aaj phir se women's day hai kya?", I jolted upright... I was thinking "what the fuck? It has to be an annual event... it can't be bimonthly, or have i been here so long to not to have realized that over an year has passed... Maybe I'm still dreaming... I should pinch myself." Then the G Dude says, "Nahi yeh Wonder Woman ke liye hain".

Everyone in the room had a huge question mark on their face... O.K., granted she came back after a two week vacation... but why the fuck would you get her flowers for that???

Then he goes to Fag Man and says, "Aap do na unhe." Fag Man said "give it yourself". So he says, "Wonder Woman ma'am yeh aapke liye, Iran jaisi jagah se theek thaak waapis aa gaye na, is liye."

Please find attached a snapshot of the flowers he gave to Wonder Woman.

Some people are alive, only because it is illegal to kill.

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