Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Being Told

They told me
I am not good enough
They told me
I am too slow for this stuff
They told me
I will soon bite the dust
They told me
I will succumb to the lust
They told me
I just don't have it in me
They told me
I can't be what I want to be
They told me
The others are too fast
They told me
I just won't last
They told me
Life will always be a bitch
They told me
I’ll always be short of a stitch

Then you came into my life
And I felt a bit more alive
You might not know the difference you made
But with you around many things changed
It isn't only the things you said
It’s also the things you left unsaid
Those things you didn't say told me so many truth
As if I was growing another wisdom tooth

You told me
I am stronger than I think
You told me
I am smarter than those dinks
You told me
How I fell will be forgotten
You told me
How I got up is more important
You told me
I have an inert inner strength
You told me
I am capable of going to any length
You told me
I can be what I want to be
You told me
My will is strong and free

You my friend, will always be special to me
Wrote this song so that you won't ever forget me

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

I, the wind

I am the wind, free and wild
Stronger than a rock, innocent like a child
If I raise my hand, I can touch the sky,
Send ripples through clouds and make them cry,
I rush through forests, and the trees caress,
My gliding wings, a pleasure I must confess,
I have seen the smile on a weary face,
When I kiss it softly and lightly embrace,
The tired travellers from far away,
I tell them, I was there yesterday,
I had seen your children running in the yard,
They ran with me when I stole their card,
The travellers move on, follow another trail,
I shall meet them later, and tell them again,
That I am everywhere, and that I can see it all,
I am the air you breathe; I am as real as a wall,
Invisible, intangible, impossible to ignore,
I am the truth; I guard the heavenly door,
The day you can’t feel me, is a day gone in vain,
But don’t be bothered, for I shall be back again,
To remind you that life shall go on,
I’ll still be here, long after you’re gone,
When you depart this mortal land,
A part of you shall hold my hand,
And eventually become a part of me,
Be a hurricane, or be a breeze.


A friend just called,
Asking if I was free,
I said that's possible,
If we talk about me,

After talking for sometime,
He was bored I could see,
I said enough about myself,
Now let's talk about me,

He wanted to talk about life,
Life as it was meant to be,
I told him his life would be good,
If he kept talking about me,

I think he wasn't interested,
Because he cut short my story,
He said, "I think I'll call you later,
When you're ready to talk about me!"

Some people I must say,
Are as selfish as selfish can be,
They want to talk about themselves,
And hang-up when I want to talk about me!!!

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