Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Dare to dream

Ride a world horse, into the sky,
Hold tight to its wings, before you die,
Whatever else, you leave undone,
Once, ride a wild horse into the sun.

Contributed by Rhea :)

Saturday, July 24, 2004

Confucious say: confused couples no good

They were sitting on the next table in the cafetaria. He was the third most shabbbiest person in his batch (if things continued the way they were ... he would be at the top on the next week's chart). She on the other hand was not shabby, just had the looks which said, Stay Away from me ( I was just too happy to oblige).

Yes, you might ask if these two are married? and the answer believe it or not will still be in the affirmative. They hardly looked like the made for each other types, and i guess that they were'nt either. That, I think was the reason why these two had earlier planned a trip to splitsville.

Now this is the most interesting part about them. They were working together in a call center. It was probably good sex, and they decided to marry. they got married and then decided on divorce. I think the reason as that the call center they were working for closed down, or asked them to leave. Whichever way, they decided to go their separate ways. I assume, they did some maths. But, then maths is a topic which is not very easily comprehensible to every Mr. John and Mrs. Jane Doe, and certainly not to these two. So, I think someone else did the maths for them, and helped them figure out that if they were living with their respective parents, the financial strain on them would be lesser. So, I think, this along with their boring libido as the reason they separated.

And then, they started looking for a new job. As fate would have it, they both got through to the place I work. They didn't tell each other that they had got the job here. They were both in different induction batches. True to the psychological profile of such people, these two were sympathy mongers. The moment the trainer asked them to tell something about him/herself, they regaled their sad life stories, of how they got married, then seperated and all the usual booo hooo hooos. And at lunch, they saw each other.

He: You b!tc#, what are you doin here?
She: You Mother F@&^%r, I am working here, what are you doin here?
He: Me too.

She was silent. They didn't tell anyone that they were married. They had just vented their spleen on each other a couple of hours ago, and right now love was in the air.

So now these two have lunch together. Go out on breaks together. He fights with the people who decide to say somethingto his wife... and all in all they just don't sleep together a night. I think that should change after next month's salary is debited to their acoounts.

Thursday, July 8, 2004


Come and take your best shot,
Be sure to put in all you've got,
Beware this is your only chance,
Cause after this I'll make you dance
You might go as far as you can go,
And then prepare for my blow,

Did that hurt?
Did you just,
Eat the dirt?
Don't you know?
I am unbeatable?

My yardstick is much longer,
You have to be a lot stronger,
You'll never get close to where I am,
You'll never be the tiger, always the lamb,
All your efforts are futile,
The gap is not in inches but in miles,

Is that too high?
Did you just,
Reach for the sky?
Don't you know?
I am unattainable

Rub your eyes and reset your gaze,
Try and follow the trail I've blazed,
Yes, I am much beyond your reach,
It's for you to learn and me to teach,
Of the cruel laws of nature's selection,
Of how you can never beat perfection.

God is not, what I am
Did you just?
Pray to that scam?
Don't you know?
I am Invincible