Tuesday, July 24, 2007


I have been in Chennai for more than a week now. One of the first things that struck me is that the weather over here is so pleasant. I am told tat this year the weather gods have been kind. The temperature never seems to go beyond 35 degrees. It is really amazing for a Delhiite who is used the temperature never being below 35 degrees at this time of the year.

Another thing that I have noticed, people in Chennai specialize in looking... how should I put it??? For they have been nice to me... Let's just say they specialize in looking untidy. I am sorry, I couldn't be nicer. Trust me, it is not that they are ugly, but that they are unfashionable. You'll be looking at a woman, and thinking, if only she got her hair straightened, if only she weren't wearing those obnoxious spectacles, if only... oh forget it... I don't think you could teach them fashion if they were born and brought up in Milan and Paris. It is almost like the mirror is meant to look at ways to make yourself look more dorky. You can't even blame them, I mean, have you seen their fashion idols??? Rajanikanth, Mamooty!!! Back home in Delhi, I know people who would murder you if you said they looked like them. They will still kill you if you try and say that their father looks like either of the two. These guys strive to be like them.

But one thing I liked about Chennai, unlike Bangalore, if a place is a mere 12 kilometers away, you do not hear them saying that it's very far off. Just like back home in Delhi, every place is just 45 minutes away at max. :D

Signing off now...

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