Monday, October 9, 2006

A cold coffee and a rooster

Last night, I had stepped out with some friends to watch a movie. Well, the movie was good but what was really amusing were the events that happened before, during, and after it. First things first... If you had Five Hundred Million rupees to invest, what would you do? Remember it's supposed to be an investment.

My answer: buy a vacant plot on the Gurgaon mall road and build a multilevel air-conditioned parking with a food court. Basically, parking in Gurgaon, from Thursday to Sunday every week is a bitch. You don't want even your worst enemy to get stuck in there. So now you know where did i spend an hour on Sunday; looking for a parking spot... well that is actually another story altogether... so let's get back to the cold coffee and the rooster.

Well, so we saw the movie, contemplated having dinner afterwards, and then went looking for coffee around midnight. We found one in Vasant Vihar. So at five minutes to midnight, we order ourselves some drinks and then sat down to enjoy our drinks.

This is when this dude entered. He enters and looks at me, and then looks at the pretty lady with us, and suddenly he took a deep breath and puffed up his chest. Looked back at me as if he was trying to say that i don't deserve to be around her because I was a fat lowly mortal. Then he went to the counter and ordered something for himself, and turned around and started staring at us. I was getting amused and a little irritated. So as I slurped my coffee, I started staring back.

He looked back across the counter and said, "How long is it going to take?", and then started eying the lady with us. She didn't notice as she was engrossed in a conversation with my friend, but I was so amused that I was about to burst into splits. When I couldn't control it anymore, I finally interrupted the conversation and said, "Do you know that during the mating season, a rooster walks around with a puffed chest to attract the hen?" I made sure he heard me.

All the eyes just turned towards him, and everyone was trying hard to hold back the splits. He suddenly realized that he was the joke, the puffed chest deflated, and he just scampered to the door without collecting his order.

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