Thursday, September 28, 2006

A Toast

A Toast

Come my friends, let’s raise a toast,
To all the things we once feared the most,
Raise one toast for the boss, who wouldn’t understand,
And one toast for the girl, who could’ve made your world grand,
Another one for the father, who raised a hand to hit you,
And one more for the brother, who you knew would ditch you,
One for the friend, who backstabbed and betrayed,
One for the enemy, whose aim never strayed,
Let’s have another one, for the child in us,
The one who made us propose to our first crush,
Save one more for our own parental mode,
With which we judged other people’s moral code,

Gulp it down, and make sure you savor the taste,
Drink every drop of it; don’t let it go waste,
And now think of all the things we could’ve learnt,
While we feared and cried, and our dreams burnt,
The incompetent boss, would stay there while you grew,
And the girl could still be your wife; maybe she too loved you,
Don’t forget that your father too, was once a son,
Or your brother brought you home, when you had run,
The friend who betrayed, was a choice gone wrong,
The enemies picked on you because you weren’t strong,
And now raise another toast, in humble gratitude,
And thank them all, for our unflinching attitude.

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