Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Along the road to nowhere

Along the road to nowhere,
In a car sat the Priest and I,
He gazed out the window,
Watching the streetlights flashing by,

We stopped along a bridge,
To take in the river, the sun, and the moon,
And to give ourselves some rest,
We had been travelling since noon,

He looked at the sun as it set,
“Is there anything more powerful than God?”
“I believe it’s called the Big Bang Theory,
A scientific phenomenon and not the power of the lord”

He seemed to be perturbed,
The insolent atheist in me had uttered,
And thus began a useless debate,
And his responses were too cluttered

We came back to the car,
And noticed a tire had gone flat,
I took a deep breath,
As he saw god’s hand in that,

“God has punished you,
For all your blasphemies and sins,
For denying his authority,
And for questioning his existence.”

I smiled and looked at him,
And looked him straight in the eye,
And asked him a simple question,
And I simply asked him “why?

If your god is forgiving,
Compassionate, benevolent, and kind,
Then how can the words,
Of an atheist, make him lose his mind?

Is he so insecure?
That a logical argument is difficult to fathom,
That fact is ignored for blind faith,
And attributed to reasons random?

No, dear friend,
His existence is not what I question,
I question you,
And I question your interpretation.”

He seemed to be,
At a loss of words, and unable to comprehend,
He looked at the flat tire,
And then at me, then across the river-bend,

“God will help me,
Out of this situation, as I shall pray with all my zeal,”
“God helps those who help themselves,
And by the way, it’s called a spare wheel!”

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