Tuesday, February 20, 2007

I, the wind

I am the wind, free and wild
Stronger than a rock, innocent like a child
If I raise my hand, I can touch the sky,
Send ripples through clouds and make them cry,
I rush through forests, and the trees caress,
My gliding wings, a pleasure I must confess,
I have seen the smile on a weary face,
When I kiss it softly and lightly embrace,
The tired travellers from far away,
I tell them, I was there yesterday,
I had seen your children running in the yard,
They ran with me when I stole their card,
The travellers move on, follow another trail,
I shall meet them later, and tell them again,
That I am everywhere, and that I can see it all,
I am the air you breathe; I am as real as a wall,
Invisible, intangible, impossible to ignore,
I am the truth; I guard the heavenly door,
The day you can’t feel me, is a day gone in vain,
But don’t be bothered, for I shall be back again,
To remind you that life shall go on,
I’ll still be here, long after you’re gone,
When you depart this mortal land,
A part of you shall hold my hand,
And eventually become a part of me,
Be a hurricane, or be a breeze.

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