Tuesday, January 3, 2006

When we are kings

Come my friends; let us not be bound,
To all the tempting vanities going around,
The temptation of easy success is growing strong,
And most around will give into it before long,
But you my friends have to stand by me,
For our will is strong, and we dare to dream,

And here we are, dreaming of immortality.
And destiny is now just a minor technicality.
In time they'll see, amongst other things.
And they shall kneel, when we are kings.

We are standing together, but are falling alone,
Don't cushion our fall, for we'll get up on our own,
The failures of life are not what we dread,
These failures have brought us back from the dead,
To stand up again, and go down with a fight,
Defeated, we've still proven ourselves to be right,

And here we are, victorious despite defeat,
Our kingdoms are on the way to be complete,
And though we don't wear any royal rings,
The time is near, when we'll be kings.

We believe in miracles, we believe in charms,
We open our hearts and hold open our arms,
We don't despair as the world passes us by,
We'll first learn to crawl, then walk, run and fly,
We believe in ourselves; with no place for fears,
We have our own treasures, of blood, sweat and tears,

And here we are, ready to face all odds,
And a resolve, that could defy the will of gods,
No matter what challenges, life might bring,
For even gods shall envy, when we are kings.

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