Monday, November 13, 2006

Let us go to war

Comrades, today we are going to war,
Do not ask what we are fighting for,
Or even if the enemy is at our door,
Or who is it that lies dead on the floor,

For someone once wrote on the fly,
that yours is not to reason why,
Nor can you make reply,
You will but do and die,

So pick up your arms and give your beloved a kiss,
Maybe, marry her, if she's still a miss,
Being a martyr's widow; a better fate it is,
Than to marry someone else for eternal bliss,

And when you fight, make them taste the metal of your gun,
Hunt them down, if they turn around and run,
Their women we shall rape, when their villages are won,
And don't you dare think, that they might be some mother's son,

Their country, is what shall be downed,
Their culture, we shall raze to the ground,
They do not believe in the democracy we found,
They are the infidel savages, we wear the civilized crown,

So come comrades, let us make war,
For our leaders know, what we are fighting for,
Our enemy is with us, behind our door,
And soon he'll have us crawling on the floor.

- Harkirat

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