Thursday, July 8, 2004


Come and take your best shot,
Be sure to put in all you've got,
Beware this is your only chance,
Cause after this I'll make you dance
You might go as far as you can go,
And then prepare for my blow,

Did that hurt?
Did you just,
Eat the dirt?
Don't you know?
I am unbeatable?

My yardstick is much longer,
You have to be a lot stronger,
You'll never get close to where I am,
You'll never be the tiger, always the lamb,
All your efforts are futile,
The gap is not in inches but in miles,

Is that too high?
Did you just,
Reach for the sky?
Don't you know?
I am unattainable

Rub your eyes and reset your gaze,
Try and follow the trail I've blazed,
Yes, I am much beyond your reach,
It's for you to learn and me to teach,
Of the cruel laws of nature's selection,
Of how you can never beat perfection.

God is not, what I am
Did you just?
Pray to that scam?
Don't you know?
I am Invincible

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